November 2021 - We have moved our monthly update to another location on the website. You will be able to read our monthly newsletter and other information as it is posted on our Blog link at the top of the page.

October 2021 - has begun the importation of our product for online sale. As most people know, we have thousands of products so this will take some time, but we are confident you will like the product options we will have. We have no set plan on which items we will list first, so if there are some specific items you're searching for email us Product Search and if we have it, we'll get it added.

Here are some highlights for our new site:

  • We have limited our sales to U.S. customers only.
    • This is because many of our products fall under ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) and we do not have the required export licenses to ship overseas.

  • All orders ship free.
    • E-commerce shipping can be complicated. As we pack your order we choose the smallest package that can be used to safely ship your product, thereby allowing us to pay the least amount for shipping. You won't receive a small item packed into a large box like Amazon.
  • The shipping address and the credit card billing address MUST be exactly the same.
    • This is done to prevent one of the most common types of credit card fraud. It protects you the customer and us the retailer.
  • At this time, is only required to charge sales tax on Minnesota resident sales. 
    • However, our sales tax software keeps track of out of state orders and notifies us as we get close to reaching the thresholds other states have that will require us to begin charging sales tax there also.

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