October 2021 – First I must apologize for being extremely late with this month’s letter. Dealing with long covid has really messed up any chance of maintaining any form of schedule. I’ll do better next month.

The holidays are coming fast, not as fast as Walmart and target think, but fast. It’s been a year since Papa got out of the hospital after being treated for Covid-19. Still struggling but making the best of it.

The only gun show we’ve worked this month was in Marshall the weekend of Oct 2nd and 3rd. Thanks to the Minnesota Governor, the Crocodile Productions Show in Stillwater Oct 23rd & 24th had to be cancelled because the Governor decided that Armory would make a great place to open it as a Covid-19 testing facility on Friday the 22nd. Personally, I think the Governor chose that armory and not another is because the gun show was cancelled, but that’s my opinion not fact. Crocodile will still be holding the Zimmerman Gun Show at the Station 1 Event Center Oct 29th & 30th. November has four shows scheduled in Minnesota, Faribault Nov 13 – 14, Rivercentre in St Paul 20th – 21st, Braham the 26th – 27th, and Cloquet also the 26th & 27th.

Wisconsin still has nine shows left in October that I am aware of as of Friday Oct 22nd. Check out https://gunshowtrader.com/gunshows/wisconsin-gun-shows/ for all the Wisconsin shows remaining for October.

Iowa has three shows left this month, 2 in Waterloo and 1 in Des Moines. Check out https://gunshowtrader.com/gunshows/iowa-gun-shows/ for the remaining October Iowa Shows.

As we mentioned last month, the MWCA was successful in booking the St. Paul, MN Rivercentre for a mid-November Show. I ask again that anyone that has any contacts with people at large facilities where gun shows might be able to scheduled, please contact me at [email protected] and I will get the information to Matt Cooklock of the MWCA as quickly as possible.

Papas Toybox was finally able to close the deal on a 700-count bayonet, sword, & knife collection. Approximately 300 of these are US dating from pre-Civil War to modern. The others are worldwide from Africa to Zaire also dating across a wide time frame. We hope to get these inventoried quickly and make them available for purchase in time for the Rivercentre show in November. We are also still inventorying a large assortment of US military surplus inventory we have received these last few months and working on an already received large amount of military and civilian knives/bayonets ready for sale. We’ve got our work cut out for us. We will continue to bring new and unique inventory to the shows we attend and make it available to our customers.

If you are aware of any collections of US field gear, bayonets, fighting knives, or folding or fixed blade knives please reach out to us. We are always on the search for new inventory and greatly appreciate anyone that presents us with the opportunity to purchase more. As always, when Papas Toybox makes an offer on a collection presented to us, we make that offer for the collection in its entirety. We never cherry pick the best and leave you with the rest.

This month I must skip the “dates of historical importance” section to even get this posted in October. We will work to get that added again next month.

Thank you for being our customer.

Papa and Boss Lady

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