June 2021 – Summer is here!

Covid-19 restrictions continue to be reduced in Minnesota and surrounding states greatly impacting the volume of local Gun Shows. Just in Minnesota, June has a Gun & Knife Shows in Park Rapids by the Osage Sportsman’s Club, The MWCA Ed Building Show at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, The Ray Kangas show in Grantsburg, Wi., The Russ Bowers show in Hutchinson, Mn., The Greysolen Arms “Original Duluth Show”, and ends with us vending at the Ahlmans Delta Shoot in Morristown, MN. Iowa has 3 3-day shows and Wisconsin at least 8 shows.

             Based on personal observations, ammunition at vendors and retailers is starting to become easier to obtain with prices no longer climbing. 223/5.56 was averaging between $.70 and $.75 per round the last I looked. Much better than the $1.50 per round I had seen just a couple months ago.     

June has some extremely important historical dates for the United States and its military.

·               June 3, 1942 – The WW2 Battle of Midway began with US search planes spotting the Japanese Occupation force.

·               June 4, 1942 – Japanese naval aviators began attacking Midway Island. This began a series of air battles between the American and Pacific fleets that ended in the destruction of 4 Japanese aircraft carriers and 1 US aircraft carrier.

·               June 4, 1944 – Rome liberated by Allied Forces.

·               June 5, 1968 – President Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated.

·               June 6, 1942 – The WW2 Battle of Midway ends.

·               June 6, 1944 – D-Day, the largest amphibious landing in history begins.

·               June 8, 1874 – Apache leader Cochise died on the Chiricahua Reservation in Arizona.

·               June 11, 1994 – The Soviet military occupation of East Germany ended.

·               June 12, 1963 – Civil Rights leader Medgar Evans was assassinated in Jackson, Mississippi.

·               June 13, 1966 – The US Supreme Court ruled in the case of Miranda vs Arizona.

·               June 14, 1775 – The Continental Army was established by the Second Continental Congress.

·               June 14, 1777 – John Adams introduced a resolution before Congress regarding the US flag. We now celebrate this day as “Flag Day”.

·               June 14, 1922 – President Warren Harding became the first US President to broadcast a message over the radio.

·               June 17, 1972 – Five men were arrested at the National Democratic Headquarters in Washington DC. Their arrest led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon on August 9, 1974.

·               June 18, 1812 – The US Senate voted to declare war against Great Britain.

·               June 18, 1983 – Dr. Sally Ride became the first American woman in space.

·               June 19, 1865 – Union Troops in Galveston, Texas proclaimed the emancipation of all slaves. The day is now celebrated as Juneteenth.

·               June 20, 1924 – American Medal of Honor recipient Audie Murphy was born in Kingston, Texas.

·               June 23, 1865 – The last formal surrender of Confederate troops occurred in the Oklahoma Territory.

·               June 24, 1948 – Soviet Russia began the blockade of Berlin.

·               June 25, 1862 – The Seven Days Campaign of the Civil War began as Confederates under Robert E Lee attacked Union positions in Richmond, Virginia.

·               June 25, 1876 – The Battle of the Little Bighorn began with an attack by troops under General George Custer and ended with the complete defeat of the troops by the Sioux Indians.

·               June 25, 1950 – The Korean War began as North Korean troops crossed the 38th parallel. Five days later US troops entered the conflict.

·               June 28, 1862 – The Civil War siege of the Confederate city of Vicksburg, Ms. began.

·               June 28, 1914 – Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated in Sarajevo. This event started the conflict that eventually became WW1.

·               June 28, 1919 – The signing of the Treaty of Versailles formally ended WW1.

·               June 30, 1971 – The 26th Amendment to the US Constitution was enacted granting American citizens 18 years and older the right to vote.

We are currently negotiating to purchase a very large selection of US and Worldwide edged weapons to bring to our customers. At this point, we have no timetable as to when we can complete the deal as we always research everything to give the seller a fair offer and our customers reasonable prices.

Papas Toybox has and will continue to locate, purchase, and bring to our customers an ever-growing assortment of quality, economically priced U.S. Military Surplus dating from the Spanish-American War to the present. Our selection of WW1, WW2, Korea, and Vietnam gear continues to grow as we search everywhere to bring product to our customers.

Thank you for being our customer.

Papa and Boss Lady