March 2021 - Moving forward together

Fortunately, since my last update we have only had a few issues with the weather as far as the Gun Show Schedule is concerned. Covid-19 however continues to wreak havoc everywhere. Minnesota was limited to 150 people inside a venue at a time, along with requiring social distancing and the wearing of masks. Iowa also had crowd capacity issues and mask mandates but has since eliminated restrictions as has South Dakota. Just today, the Governor of Minnesota has opened his rules for gatherings. Understanding how that applies to us is still to be determined. Here are the three primary changes we need to understand:

  1. Entertainment venues can increase allowable occupancy to 50%, up from 25%, for both indoors and outdoors, with a limit of 250, according to the governor's office.
  2. Rules will also change for large venues as of April 1. Seated outdoor venues will be allowed to add an additional 25% of their capacity over 500, with a 10,000-person limit, while non-seated outdoor venues can add an additional 15% of their capacity over 500, with a 10,000-person limit.
  3. Seated indoor venues can add an additional 15% of their capacity over 500, with a 3,000-person limit, and non-seated indoor venues can add an additional 10% of their capacity over 500, with a 1,500-person limit. 

So maybe this will allow the MWCA events at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds to occur this fall.

Through all of this however, Papas Toybox has continued to locate, purchase, and bring to our customers an ever-growing assortment of quality, economically priced U.S. Military Surplus dating from 1894 to the present. Our selection of WW1 and WW2 gear continues to grow as we search everywhere to bring product to our customers.

As always, if there is anything you are looking and are having issues locating it, please reach out to us directly via email at [email protected] or [email protected] or via text (612)306-1034. I do work a day job so often cannot answer my phone until after 4:30 PM C.S.T.