Rules of the Challenge Coin

Often, we at Papas Toybox are asked about Military Challenge Coins and how are they used. While each unit or group can create their own rules, here is some basic guidance. ·         

The drawing of your coin initiates the challenge. You can slap it on the counter, hold it in the air, or even shout the challenge. The point is that you have to announce the challenge in some form. ·         

All those present have 15 seconds to respond to the challenge and are only allowed one arm's length reach to their coin. All coin holders present during the challenge are considered participants. ·         

The one person or group of people that are unable to present their coin will have to pay for a meal or a round of drinks, depending on the challenge posed by the challenger. ·         

Now here is where the challenge can play one way or the other:   

** When everyone on the group was presented the same challenge coin, in cases where everyone responds with a coin, the person who challenged the others will buy the round of drinks or whatever the challenge.

** A second option would be for everyone to present the challenge coin they are carrying. When everyone in the group has a challenge coin, the lowest challenge coin presented will have to pay for a meal or a round of drinks, depending on the initial challenge. For example, 1) a Battalion level Coin is higher than a Company level Coin, 2) An Officer Coin is higher than an Enlisted Coin. Some coins are considered to be of equal value. An Operation Desert Storm Coin would be equal to an Operation Iraqi Freedom. If you choose to use this method of ranking coins, the group needs to agree as to which is the highest (for bragging rights) and lowest (for payment of the challenge). Keep it fair please. ·         

Coin checks can occur anywhere and anytime. ·         

No other person may borrow your coin to respond to the coin challenge. ·         

Being part of a group that cultivates the challenge coin culture means that you are a set of people who share a deep and special bond. 

We hope this information helps. 

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